Why You Need Help with Your Concrete Slab in Tulsa, OK

Your home’s foundation is an essential part of its safety. When cracks and dropping threaten your property, quick and effective repairs can save you countless dollars in damage. As soon as you notice anything odd about your foundation, it’s worth seeking help for your concrete slab in Tulsa, OK. Don’t just settle for anyone who can inject some foam to fill a crack, though – it’s much better to pay for one repair that lasts than three that only take care of the problem for a short while.

More importantly, ineffective repairs can provide superficial support and let the actual damage continue to spread. That’s why it’s vital to choose a team you can trust. A few things to look for when you need help with concrete slab in Tulsa, OK include:

  • Specialized Experience
  • A Fail Rate Well Under the Industry Standard of 3-5%
  • Preventative Care Options
  • A History of Successful Work

Types of Damage

Before you can call someone for repairs at all, you’ll need to know the signs of trouble. Foundation damage can happen for a wide range of reasons, and some require different fixes than others. Depending on the source of your issue, you might need a quick repair or a more thorough solution. Let’s take a look at a few possible culprits:

  • Seasonal Shrinking – As temperature conditions change, soil can swell and cause movement in your foundation. This is natural, but it can damage your foundation. While solid construction should hold up over time, even the best-built homes might need a repair here or there.
  • Poor Drainage – Moisture is a significant threat to any foundation. If your gutters and other water control systems leave lots of water in the earth around your home, one repair isn’t likely to be the end of your issues.
  • Improper Construction – Sometimes, foundations just aren’t built correctly the first time. Your repair company can help you determine the best path forward for your home’s safety.

If you are seeking assistance with concrete slab in Tulsa, OK., and the surrounding areas, you can count on the team at Metro Structural to help you. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help with your issues.