Foundation Repair Shawnee, OK

Did you know that your stuck windows or doors could be a sign of foundation damage? Foundation damage can be a lot more subtle than obvious cracks in the foundation of your home. All foundation damage is serious, and should be addressed by a professional at the first sign. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less damage is done to your home. When you need foundation repair services you can count on in Shawnee, OK, you need the team at Metro Structural.

Our team has been providing high-quality foundation repair services to Shawnee, OK, and much of the state of Oklahoma for more than 50 years. Our technicians have the training and tools you need to keep your home safe and sturdy. We also offer a number of financing options to help keep your foundation repair services affordable. Call our team today to schedule an inspection and receive a free quote.

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Know the Warning Signs

The best thing you can do for your home is to spot the signs of foundation damage early. The earlier foundation damage is detected, the easier — and less costly — the foundation repairs will be. How do you know when your home may have suffered foundation damage? Only a foundation repair expert like those at Metro Structural can properly diagnose foundation damage, but there are a number of early warning signs that hint at damage. Those signs include:

If you see any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call Metro Structural immediately. Foundation damage is a serious issue, and it only gets worse the longer you wait! Keep your home safe and call Metro Structural today.

All-Encompassing Basement Waterproofing Services in Shawnee, OK

It’s not enough to simply protect your home from foundation damage. Water damage is another leading cause of foundation and home failure. Not only does water damage cause structural damage to your home, it’s also a breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew. When these are left untreated, they can release harmful spores and toxins into your air. These can cause an increase in allergies, or even serious respiratory distress. Don’t put your family at risk, call Metro Structural!

When you want to protect your investment, you need basement waterproofing services from Metro Structural. Our team provides your home with comprehensive waterproofing solutions, including complete encapsulation services. See our basement waterproofing page for more information, then call our team to schedule your appointment and receive your free quote. Keep your home protected today! Financing options are available, so don’t delay.

Extensive Foundation Repair Services in Shawnee, OK

The best foundation repair services don’t just address the symptoms when they occur. Instead, they focus on prevention and making sure you never again have to deal with foundation damage.

When you want to ensure that your Shawnee, OK home is completely protected, you want the full line of foundation repair services from the team at Metro Structural. Our complete foundation repair services include:

Our team protects your home — and your foundation — from top to bottom. Not only are we here to repair the damage, we’re here to keep the damage from returning! We do everything we can to protect your home, so call today! Schedule your appointment and receive a free quote on your foundation repair services.