Foundation Waterproofing Services

There are few things that can happen to your property worse than suffering major foundation damage. The foundation is literally what your home or business is built upon, and when there’s a problem it can spell disaster. Most often, foundation issues can be traced back to one thing: Water. The best way to prevent water from coming in and causing damage to your home or business is with foundation waterproofing from Metro Structural.

In addition to the structural benefits of keeping your foundation dry, you also get the added benefits of preventing harmful mold and mildew growth, as moisture is a breeding ground for these toxins. Keep your home or business protected with one call to the team at Metro Structural. Call us today and get a free quote on your foundation waterproofing needs.

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Signs You Need Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation damage can lead to disaster for your home or business. But the good thing is, it’s completely avoidable! With proper foundation waterproofing services, like those from the experts at Metro Structural, you can keep your building safeguarded against the intrusion of water that would look to destroy your home. But how do you know if you need to update your foundation waterproofing? Here are some of the most common signs:

These are just a few of the early warning signs that your foundation waterproofing systems are inadequate. There are many others! If you believe your property has inadequate waterproofing, contact the experts at Metro Structural today. The sooner you update your waterproofing measures the better,so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call for your free quote!

Why Choose Metro

You have a ton of options when it comes to foundation waterproofing services, why should you choose the team at Metro Structural? When you choose our team, you’re getting a crew that has been providing high-quality, affordable foundation waterproofing services across Oklahoma and Florida for over 50 years! Our team has seen it all in the field, so you can rest assured we have the knowledge to handle any surprises your project may throw at us.

Boost Your Foundation Waterproofing Efforts

There are a number of different ways the team at Metro Structural keeps your foundation protected against water damage. Many of those efforts have to do with the area around the foundation itself, both internally and externally. But another major component in the fight is having a proper drainage and gutter system on your property.

When installed correctly, drainage and gutter systems work to funnel rainwater away from the foundation of your home, preventing the water from pooling around the foundation and posing a serious threat. Make sure your gutter and drainage systems are up-to-date today by calling the team at Metro Structural.

Basement Waterproofing and Repair

Foundations aren’t the only thing we work on here at Metro Structural. Our crew is also the trusted provider for basement waterproofing and repair services in Florida and Oklahoma. Head over to our service area page to see the list of areas you can find our team, then give us a call to help keep your home protected against catastrophic water damage. Let Metro Structural protect your home or business today!

We know that frequently these services are an unexpected – and costly – expense. That’s why we offer a number of financing and payment options to help you get the service your home or business needs without breaking the bank. But don’t just take our word for it, we have a long list of satisfied customers and a long history to our name.

Join that list today with one call to Metro Structural for a free quote on your foundation waterproofing needs.