Concrete Leveling Tulsa, Oklahoma

One of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to repair your cracked or sinking concrete slab is foam foundation repair in Tulsa, OK. Our polyurethane foam lifting is an innovative new process that gets results. This specialized foam gently lifts the foundation by expanding and becoming solid in the process. The result is a strong house foundation that lasts for many years. Contact the talented team at Metro Structural Services to learn more about our state-of-the-art polyurethane foam product.

Tap into the power of foam to repair your foundation. This high-grade foam is designed specifically for slab repairs. From basements and driveways to your home’s interior foundation, it works without creating a mess or causing damage to your lawn. The primary reason for injecting foam into the ground under a foundation is to stabilize the uneven soils. The pressure created is powerful enough to lift concrete and keep it there!

The Foam Advantage

Oklahoma concrete levelingSave Money: Foam injections are typically half the cost of piers.

Less Mess: Cleaner and less invasive than piers; no digging or concrete required.

Time-Saving: One day process means less intrusion into your daily life.

More Effective: Foam lifts your slab as a whole.

Experienced Technicians: We are the experts in foam injections in Tulsa. Knowing the exact amount needed to lift your slab is vital.

Environmentally Friendly: Foam is made from recycled materials and never deteriorates or shrinks.

How it Works

Small holes about the size of a penny are drilled every five to six feet in the foundation where polyurethane foam is injected. The foam expands and lifts the home as a whole, putting less stress on your foundation. The geopolymer foam is made from recycled materials, is environmentally friendly, and never shrinks or deteriorates.

Experience is Important

Injecting too little or too much foam can cause more problems with your foundation. Our team has perfected this technique and is often asked by the manufacturer to train other installers around the country. We’ve repaired thousands of homes and large businesses including Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Deep Foamjection

Deep Foamjection or DF is the process of installing foam through pipes into the subgrade. Results, injection point layout, depths, and how much foam is required are custom based on:

  • Conditions of the Settlement
  • Weight Applied to the Subgrade and the Depth of the Water Table
  • Soil Characteristics
  • The Objective of the Project

Within this manual, we will cover best practices and strategies along with case studies that can be applied to various projects. Each project will have different challenges and results based on the above factors. The more information you have about these conditions, the more effective the implementation or your strategy can be.


Oklahoma raised concreteThe primary objective for injecting foam into the ground is to stabilize the unstable soils. Pressure built up by installing this foam into the subgrade can be great enough to lift concrete. The challenge to lifting is to contain the foam and continue to build enough pressure to lift. Concrete will move until it is easier for the foam to travel elsewhere.

The foam will build pressure, but it can take an unknown amount to accomplish this. Injecting at multiple depths or multiple injection points simultaneously can increase the likelihood of lifting with foam installed. Often foam installed directly under the slab can be more effective to manipulate a slab back into place.

Deep Foamjection can be used to improve soils, install ‘curtains’ to block seepage (seawall repair), and stabilize and lift concrete slabs, roadways, slab on grade or foundations. Foam can be installed as a repair to failed soils or in preparation for building on a site with known soil issues. More advanced applications involving structures can be approached with standard best practices but may need engineered support.

Contact us today to discover how polyurethane foam lifting can save you time and money. We proudly serve clients in the city of Tulsa, and the state of Oklahoma, as well as those in northwest Arkansas, and surrounding communities.