Professional Concrete Solutions in Tulsa, OK

Make Metro Structural Services your go-to company for professional concrete solutions in Tulsa, OK. Our approach delivers commercial quality at residential prices, ensuring integrity and quality.

Hire a Crew That Is Ready to Move

Every client we serve has access to a highly trained crew of concrete professionals. When a tear out is needed to lay down a new concrete slab, we know exactly what to do. Your new driveway will make access a breeze.

A Focus on Concrete

Concrete goes into many different aspects of a job, and we like to know that every aspect of that is backed by our quality-controlled guarantee. We approach every residential job with the same standards we use on the largest projects involving drainage and gutters. It is normal operating procedures for us to use rebar in all of our residential concrete jobs to deliver the highest quality product possible. Start planning your new concrete patio today.



Contact us today for professional concrete solutions that fit your design plan. We proudly serve clients in the city of Tulsa, and the state of Oklahoma, as well as those in northwest Arkansas, and surrounding communities.

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