Concrete Contractor Tulsa, Oklahoma

Along with patios and driveways, Metro Structural Services offers solutions for your home’s concrete slab in Tulsa, OK. Our contractors know that slabs can become damaged for several reasons. Some of those reasons include construction errors, shifting ground, and home settling. In general, our approach to resolving slab issues depends on the cause, but we always advise homeowners to seek professional help sooner rather than later.

Slab repairs become necessary when your home’s occupants are put at risk from cracked slab side-effects. For example, many counties in Oklahoma are at moderate risk for radon contamination. Radon is a gas that can seep into your home through foundation cracks. Repair is essential and should happen ASAP to prevent dangerous consequences.

Your first step in treating a damaged concrete slab is contacting Metro Structural Services. We offer a free estimate to help our clients understand exactly what they’re dealing with and what our professionals recommend. You can get yours by reaching out to our friendly staff for foundation crack repair in Tulsa, OK, and other services.

A Focus on Concrete

Concrete goes into many different aspects of a job, and we like to know that every aspect of that is backed by our quality-controlled guarantee. We approach every residential job with the same standards we use on the largest projects involving drainage and gutters. It is normal operating procedures for us to use rebar in all of our residential concrete jobs to deliver the highest quality product possible. Start planning your new concrete patio today.





Hire a Crew That Is Ready to Move

Every client we serve has access to a highly trained crew of concrete professionals. When a tear out is needed to lay down a new concrete slab, we know exactly what to do. Your new driveway will make access a breeze. Metro Structural Service has served Tulsa, OK, residents for 50 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers to our name and look forward to adding you to our list! Call us today to schedule a free estimate on all your concrete repair needs. Many of the products we use feature warranties, and we have a number of financing options available to help keep your work affordable.

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