Concrete Leveling Services

When you have cracked or sinking concrete on your property, you may think that your only option is replacement. The team at Metro Structural is here to tell you there’s a better, faster, more cost-effective solution: Foam leveling. Some may think of foam leveling as only an option for sidewalk and small concrete projects, but our specialized foam is strong enough to not only lift home foundations, but to last for years!

This state-of-the-art polyurethane foam product works by gently lifting the foundation of your home, then expanding and hardening to become solid and provide your home with the stable foundation it needs. This foam is specifically designed for slab repair and works on everything from basements and driveways to home foundations. And it all works without creating a mess or doing damage to your lawn in the process!

To learn more about the concrete leveling services provided by Metro Structural, call our team for a free quote! Our crews have more than 50 years of experience providing proven results across Oklahoma. For answers to some frequently asked questions about our polyurethane foam and the concrete leveling process, see our Tulsa, OK concrete leveling page.

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Advantages of Foam Concrete Leveling

There are a number of clear advantages to choosing polyurethane foam concrete leveling services over replacement. Foam injections typically cost around half as much as the cost of pier installation, and will lift your entire slab as a whole. It’s also a far quicker and less invasive process. The entire foam leveling process typically takes about a day, and there is no digging or concrete pouring required.

Another great advantage is that polyurethane foam concrete leveling is the environmentally-friendly option. When concrete is replaced, the old concrete typically finds its way into a landfill to sit and take up space. With foam leveling, no concrete is removed.

The Metro Structural team are experts in concrete leveling services and know exactly what it takes to lift your home’s foundation where it needs to be. Call us today for a free quote on your service.

Don’t Take the DIY Route

As a homeowner it may be tempting to take on a project yourself to save some money. For a lot of things around the home, that’s perfectly fine. However, a concrete leveling project isn’t one of those times. It takes highly specialized equipment and years of knowledge to be able to perform foam concrete leveling services safely and effectively.

At Metro Structural, we have the equipment and know-how to do it right the first time. In fact, our team has perfected this service to the level that we’re often asked by other companies to train their installers on the process.

Our crew has worked on thousands of concrete leveling projects, both commercial and residential – even for some of the biggest names in America like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy! It doesn’t get more experienced than that! Call our team today and get a free quote on your concrete leveling needs.

How it Works

The concrete leveling process starts with our team drilling holes about the size of a penny every five-to-six feet along the foundation.

Then the polyurethane foam is injected and expands to lift the home as a whole. This provides an even lift and puts less stress on your foundation.

Our polyurethane foam is made from recycled materials and never shrinks or deteriorates. Call today and see what a difference our concrete leveling service can make for your home or business.

Applications for Foam Concrete Leveling

The number one goal with polyurethane foam injections is to stabilize otherwise unstable soil. This is achieved by the foam expanding and putting pressure on the unstable soil beneath, eventually causing the pressure to be great enough to solidify the soil and lift the concrete slab above.

Polyurethane foam injections have a number of different uses outside of concrete leveling for your home or business’s foundation, too. This process can be used to provide a curtain to block seepage in seawalls, to lift and stabilize other concrete slabs, for roadway repair, and for use on failed soils ahead of construction or building moving.

Polyurethane foam concrete leveling has a number of uses and benefits, and may make a great option for your building’s foundation. Call the team at Metro Structural today to learn more and schedule an inspection. We’ll also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on your project.