Why Hire an Experienced Team to Repair Your House Foundation

House FoundationIt’s easier to overlook the importance of your home’s foundation since it’s usually underfoot and out of sight. However, your property’s concrete foundation is its most essential structural element. Without a level, reliable base, you’ll begin seeing issues with everything from your flooring and walls to your windows and roof. That’s why you need to hire professionals whenever your house foundation needs repair. It’s simply too important to trust to amateurs.

Hiring an experienced team comes with other benefits as well. First and foremost, they know what they are doing, so you can rest assured that they will finish the project on time and correctly. Rather than letting the job drag out endlessly, you can hire professionals and have it taken care of without delay.

Likewise, foundation experts have an eye for detail that amateurs lack. They can not only spot the core issues your concrete slab is experiencing but also identify potential issues that may become big problems in the future. By taking a proactive approach to your foundation repair, a professional team helps you avoid future expense and stress.

Finally, experienced foundation repair companies know which products and methods can be trusted — and which should be avoided. By hiring experts, you enjoy the peace of mind that every measure will be taken to repair your home the right way.

What You Should Do When Your Doors are Sticking

Door Sticking in Tulsa, OKDo you have a door at your property that’s difficult to open or close? While the issue could be that the door is slightly too big for its frame or hung incorrectly, the more likely explanation is humidity. Most doors are made from wood, which swells when exposed to humidity and other types of moisture. So what should you do when you have a door sticking in Tulsa, OK?

The first step is to figure out exactly which part of the door is sticking. Is a particular corner of the door catching against the frame? Is the strike plate of the lock mechanism hitting the frame? Does it look like the door is hanging crookedly? Watch carefully as you open and close the door a few times, and the problem should become obvious. Once you’ve identified the door’s specific problem, you can proceed with the appropriate solution.

If the door is too big to fit easily into the frame, you will need to remove the door and carefully sand down the section causing issues. However, be careful not to remove too much wood. If the problem is the strike plate, try tightening up the visible screws. For doors that hang crookedly, look for hinges that may have come loose and tighten them.

If none of these methods work, then your door problem may be related to foundation issues. A member of our team is available to assist you with this problem.

What is a Foundation?

House FoundationAll houses have foundations of some sort, but do you know what they are? It’s a term that can get used, but everyone who uses it could have a different definition. Our team at Metro Structural Services has decided to set the record straight on what constitutes a house foundation.

Foundations provide a solid structure for your home, and there are three main types.

In warm climates, where they don’t have to worry about dramatically changing temperatures and frost like folks who live in parts of the country with winter, most houses are built upon a solid concrete slab.

Crawlspaces are just what they sound like, small spaces under a house that have short foundation walls and are big enough or small enough depending on your viewpoint, so that you have to crawl around in them.

A full basement foundation usually consists of poured concrete walls (or cement block walls) set on footings which are sunk into the ground below the frost line. These walls are generally at least six-feet-tall, but usually taller in new homes to allow for more space in a finished basement. This option matches the floor area of the home above and doubles the living and storage space of the house.

What are the First Signs of Foundation Cracks?

Foundation Cracks in Tulsa, OKSome people think concrete foundation walls are eternal, and once they are poured, they never require another thought. That would be nice, but it’s far from reality.

The fact is that subtle changes in the soil around your building and widely varying temperatures take a toll on your basement. Eventually, these factors can cause imperfections in the concrete. If this leads you to wonder what you should be watching for to find foundation cracks in Tulsa, OK, then read on.

You may think you need to be looking below ground for signs of a cracking foundation, but the warning signs are apparent above ground in the form of changes in the structure of your home itself.

Look for floors that are uneven or sagging due to shifting and cracking in the foundation. Doorways and walls should be square but will begin to move out of place if the basement walls are changing shape. In this case, the doors may stick, and you could end up with gaps around your windows.

Of course, there are the other obvious ones like visible cracks in the concrete itself that appear suddenly and begin to grow as well as water seeping in from the soil.

If you find any of these signs or suspect that your foundation is cracking, seek out professional advice and assistance. Attacking the problem early will keep it from becoming a significant expense down the road.

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