What is a House Foundation?

All strong construction starts with a sturdy, level foundation. The foundation of your home is the base upon which the structure sits. So in that respect, the foundation is one of the most essential elements of your property. Without a durable foundation, the rest of the structure won’t be stable. Over time, walls will crack, […]

The Benefits of Working with Experienced Foundation Repair Specialists

For something as vital as the foundation of your house, you need to trust experienced experts that know how to perform repairs properly. At Metro Structural Services, we have decades of experience in foundation repair in Tulsa, OK. We are the repair specialists you can depend on to improve the longevity and performance of your home’s foundation. […]

What You Should Do When Your Doors are Sticking

Do you have a door at your property that’s difficult to open or close? While the issue could be that the door is slightly too big for its frame or hung incorrectly, the more likely explanation is humidity. Most doors are made from wood, which swells when exposed to humidity and other types of moisture. […]