Basement Repair Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you have a basement in Oklahoma, then you are one of only a few. There is a great deal of moisture in this state, which means every basement leaks. If you are having issues, it’s time to call Metro Structural Services for basement repairs. Using different products – DuraLift Piers or foam injections – we effectively address the house foundation problems. After we discuss the leveling issue, we then provide a structural repair of your basement. When we’re finished, your lower level will be fully restored.

Basement repair is essential for any home, but it’s much more common in historic homes. That’s because over the years, as the soil begins to shift and settle, the ground beneath the slab starts to sink. In turn, the basement begins to have foundation cracks in Tulsa, OK. Our company acts fast to perform reliable and advanced repairs to correct any problem. Find out more by scheduling a free inspection and estimate at your home.Metro Structural Services You Can Count on

Metro Structural Services You Can Count on

Many homes with basements in this state were built nearly 100 years ago. Over time, the clay in soil swells and pushes the walls into your home. If your basement walls are bowing, we have two options that can help stop basement leaks.

We will install supports to prevent the basement wall from bowing any further. When we rebuild any basement walls, we improve the strength while doing so. Our representative can also suggest further improvements, including the installation of new drainage and gutters.

Contact us today to hire a group with the right training and experience for structural basement repair. We proudly serve clients in the city of Tulsa, and the state of Oklahoma, as well as those in northwest Arkansas, and surrounding communities.