Basement Repair Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you have a basement in Oklahoma, then you are one of only a few. There is a great deal of moisture in this state, which means every basement leaks. If you are having issues, it’s time to call Metro Structural Services for basement repairs. Using different products – DuraLift® Piers or foam injections – we effectively address the house foundation problems. After we discuss the leveling issue, we then provide a structural repair of your basement. When we’re finished, your lower level will be fully restored.

Basement repair is essential for any home, but it’s much more common in historic homes. That’s because over the years, as the soil begins to shift and settle, the ground beneath the slab starts to sink. In turn, the basement begins to have foundation cracks in Tulsa, OK. Our company acts fast to perform reliable and advanced repairs to correct any problem. Find out more by scheduling a free inspection and estimate at your home.

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Signs You Need Basement Repair Services

Early detection is key when it comes to fighting water damage. The sooner you spot damage in your basement, the easier — and more affordable — your basement repair services will be. Know the early warning signs of damage so you can call Metro Structural Services and stop the damage before it spreads. Some of the most common signs of basement damage include:

Water damage is serious! You should move quickly to address the issue the moment it’s discovered. If allowed to spread, not only can it cause structural damage to your home or business, it can pose a serious health hazard! Water damage is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and has devastating effects on some respiratory systems. Don’t put your family, co-workers, or customers at risk. Call Metro Structural Services today at the first sign of damage. When you call, you’ll receive a free inspection and estimate on your repair needs.

Why Choose Metro

When your home or business needs high-quality basement repair services, don’t trust just anyone. Turn to the experts serving the Tulsa, OK, area for 50 years. Our highly experienced team only uses the best products when working on your property. Our DuraLift line of products come backed by a 20-year warranty, which is fully transferrable. We also offer a number of payment options to help keep your basement repair needs affordable. Call us today and we’ll work out a plan with low monthly payment to help you get the service your home or business needs. We have a long list of satisfied customers to our name, and look forward to adding you to it.

Metro Structural Services You Can Count On

Many homes with basements in this state were built nearly 100 years ago. Over time, the clay in soil swells and pushes the walls into your home. If your basement walls are bowing, we have two options that can help stop basement leaks.

We will install supports to prevent the basement wall from bowing any further. When we rebuild any basement walls, we improve the strength while doing so. Our representative can also suggest further improvements, including the installation of new drainage and gutters.

Quality Basement Repair Service Across Oklahoma

You can find Metro Structural providing high-quality, affordable basement waterproofing and repair service across Oklahoma and Florida. 

See our service area page for a full list of the cities and metro areas we serve, then call us for a free quote on your next project. Keep your home safe and sound with the team at Metro Structural today.