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Winter Maintenance Guide: For Your Home

Winter is coming. That’s not just a saying from Game of Thrones, but it’s our way of reminding you to get your home up to par for the season.

As the seasons change, you’re constantly working on your home whether it be structural damage, saving energy or keeping your home’s systems running the right way. These maintenance tasks will continue to keep you busy during the winter season. So, it’s vital to keep these tasks in order.

Here are some tasks to perform for the winter season.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Depending on where you live in Oklahoma, you might not see this as big of an issue. But, to others, having to clean the gutters before the winter is a must! The debris that gets clogged in the gutters over the fall season makes it hard for water that falls off the roof to push through the gutter system. This can leave mold or rotting areas on the shingle and roofing system. Whenever the snow comes, it will help clear out the excess water from when it melts.

Heating Systems

From saving energy to keeping your home warm during the winter seasons, it’s important to keep the heating system in check. One thing to get checked first is the HVAC. The inspector can tell you if it will need a tune-up or an electrical hookup if necessary. Not only is it important to make sure everything is in-tune, but it’s highly imperative to make sure they are changed out from dirty filters and ducts.

Weather-stripping and Caulk

The best places to check the weather-stripping and caulk is by opening the exterior doors. You will want to make sure it isn’t crumbling or gaps. Those signs mean it’ll need replaced. The weather-stripping and caulking to the exterior doors are extremely vital because it enables the airflow to penetrate from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

Taking the time to check your home during the winter season is vital to keep it functioning properly.