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What is soil expansion?

Tulsa foundation repair –  Have you ever noticed the ground surrounding your home that looks cracked or dried up? This is expansive soil.

Expansive soil is also known as shrink-swell soil that surrounds your home and causes foundation issues. The expansive soil is known for causing lifts in the soil during periods of high moisture. Once the moisture period is over and a period of dryness will cause the expansive soil to collapse, which results in building settlement.

The expansive soil creates pressure on the foundation, basement and the retaining wall in a lateral movement. Since the soil expands around those areas, the soil loses its strength or capacity which results in a slope failure. If you have expansive soil or are not sure if it is soil expansion, Metro Structural will have someone come out and look at it because more than likely your foundation has been affected or has begun to move.

Ways that the expansive soil forms:

  • Fluctuations in the moisture that’s contained in the foundation soil
  • Desert or very dry areas
  • Common in river bottoms or valleys that are formed by sediment
  • Typically formed where seas or lakes have been

Best Way to Act and Control Soil Expansion

The best way to control the soil expansion is by keeping water off of it. If it rains a lot, try and collect the rainwater into gutters that gets pushed towards the road or into rain collectors. The key is to have the drainage directed away from the building. It’s good to be cautious about the trees and shrubbery around the area because of the roots.

Metro Structural can control your soil expansion by fixing the foundation of your home. The foundation of your home is vital in order to keep your home from collapsing. Give us a call today for to settle your foundation problems once and for all!

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