Tulsa foundation repair

Tulsa Foundation Repair- Tips for Spring

Tulsa Foundation Repair- Tips for Spring

Tulsa Foundation Repair – While you’re enjoying the outdoors this spring, take note to the foundation of your property. Spring is the time when the weather changes, and sometimes that change can cause drastic measures to your home.

Before you experience major issues with your foundation, be prepared for what the spring weather can bring. Following these tips will guarantee and prevent any structural damages that might happen to your home during the wet and dry spring weather season.

Check for cracks in foundation walls

There is a difference between a paint crack and a crack in your foundation. Inspecting the walls of your home will ensure there are zero cracks in the foundation. When you’re going through your home self-check inspection, you will want to look at all of the interior walls, drywall and ceiling. Those are the easiest places to spot a crack. If you discover anything odd or out of the norm, contact our team for a Tulsa foundation repair service where we’ll provide you with an estimate for the repairs. Catching an early sign of a foundation crack is key!

Gutters and Down Spouts

The seasonally routine is to clean out the gutters and downspouts from leaves and other debris that have collected over the fall and winter. When you have clogged gutters and downspouts, it makes it impossible for the water to drain properly. Since the water has nowhere to go, it will remain on your property and leaves a water playground around the foundation of your home. It’s very important to keep water away from the foundation in order to prevent foundation damage. If you’re experiencing drainage issues, Tulsa foundation repair services can help properly support and drain your guttering system.

The Slope of Your Home

Checking the grade and slope around the home’s foundation is key. What’s this include? The yard, patio, porch, and driveway is where you’re checking for a positive slope. A positive slope is the channel that leads away from the home allowing for the water to drain away from your home (this is what you want!).

Having damaged foundation to your home can derive from plumbing leaks, poor construction, poor drainage or expansive soil. We can help settle your foundation problems once and for all!

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