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Moisture is the enemy of the surfaces in your home. Concrete slabs fail primarily due to poor drainage around the exterior of your house. Another cause of failure could be due to plumbing leaks in the drain lines underneath the slab.


For example, after a shower, washing the dishes, or even flushing the toilet, some of the water may leak under the floor. The water exits through a break in the line and washes up underneath the slab, eventually traveling back into the pipe.

Over the course of many years, this can cause a void to develop under the floor, and your concrete slab drops as a result.

Here is what we can do:

  • Raise and stabilize the concrete slabs with steel piers
  • Polyurethane slab injection (i.e., foam injection)
  • Full slab removal and re-pour replacing with structural slab if beyond repair

We will come out and precisely measure the exact elevations on the slab. At Metro Structural we recommend a “hydrostatic plumbing test”. If necessary, we are happy to provide a plumbing expert to make suggestions should a problem be found.If this is an ongoing problem, we can walk you through the journey to fix it, so you can protect one of your biggest assets.


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