Foam is the best option for fixing interior slab movement in Oklahoma, and we offer the best professionals for the job.

The Foam Advantage

  • Fast – 1-day repair time
  • Affordable – up to 1/2 the cost
  • Clean – no contents removal, saw cutting, or dirt removal required
  • Non-Invasive – Won’t disrupt your home or business

How it Works

Small holes about the size of a penny are drilled every 5 to 6 feet in the foundation where polyurethane foam is injected. Foam expands and lifts the home as a whole, putting less stress on your foundation. The geopolymer foam is made from recycled materials, is environmentally friendly, and never shrinks or deteriorates.

Experience Matters

Injecting too little or too much foam can cause more problems with your foundation than it fixes. Our team has perfected this technique and is often asked by the manufacturer to train other installers around the country. Our crew has experience repairing thousands of home and large businesses including Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

Before and After of Polyurethane Foam Lifting

Metro Structural boasts over 20-years of industry-leading experience with a process that has been around since 1975.

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