Stabilize. Secure. Support.

Minimum Disruption, Maximum Results.

The DuraLIFT® system stabilizes your foundation with minimal disturbance and virtually no damage to your home-site and daily life.

  • The average DuraLIFT® installation takes 1-3 days to complete.
  • There is no mud jacking or concrete involved in the process.
  • No heavy trucks or equipment are used in the process, thereby eliminating possible damage to property or the site.
  • Pier openings are hand-excavated with portable equipment. No area is inaccessible.
  • DuraLIFT® piers are driven individually into bedrock according to the desired or measured design load strength. Depth of piers average is 15 feet.
  • The DuraLIFT®; a CUSTOM adjustable steel pier system. With the strongest pipes and brackets in the industry. It uses one of the heaviest foundation brackets developed along with 3 1/2 O.D. schedule 40 pipe on all exterior foundations. The system has been modified over the years to accommodate light foundations, as well as slabs.

More Expert Services from the Ground Up.

Metro Structural also serves the following services to complement the foundation stabilizing.

  • Concrete repair
  • Pressure grout
  • Raise slab floors
  • French drains
  • Floor bracing
  • Structural problems
  • Repair cracks in masonry walls

Time Guaranteed.

The DuraLIFT® system is specifically engineered to secure your home’s foundation to a solid base, such as bedrock, to prevent movement.

  • DuraLIFT® piers are incredibly strong and can withstand up to twice their load
  • All DuraLIFT® installations are guaranteed for 20 years.
  • The DuraLIFT® guarantee is transferable.

Designed and Preferred by Professionals.

Extensive research and development went into design of the DuraLIFT® Tulsa system. The benefits are many, according to the structural and other engineers who have recommended it to homeowners across the state.


DuraLIFT® enjoys a 100% success rate which makes it cost-effective versus other systems which may not work or which require extensive disruption of the site of home.


DuraLIFT® is a permanent solution. Its support is on bedrock far below weak or expansive soil.


DuraLIFT® is so confident in the effectiveness of the system that it guarantees all installations for 20 years. Plus, the guarantee is transferable, should you sell your home.

A Solid Solution For Foundation Problems.

Foundations settle because of insufficient support strength. This can be caused by defective site of foundation design. No matter what the reason, the solution is the same. DuraLIFT® Tulsa mechanism is a specifically-engineered pier system that will add strength and support to the load of the building.