Piers or Foam?

Protect your biggest investment, your home or business, with the most experienced foundation repair team in the Tulsa area. The Metro Structural team has been serving Tulsa since 1972 and has the knowledge to recommend the right solutions for your foundation problems, whether it be piers, foam injections, or drainage solutions.

Experience Matters

Just because a foundation company offers piers and foam injections, it doesn’t mean they have the experience to successfully repair your foundation and resolve the ongoing causes of foundation movement. Metro Structural has been successfully serving the Tulsa community for over 40 years. The industry standard failure rate for foundation repairs is 3-5%. Ours is proudly maintained at 1%.

Affordable Payment Options

We understand that repairing your foundation or drainage problems usually isn’t a planned expense. Since repairing now prevents bigger problems later, we offer financing so that you can protect your home, worry-free. So keep saving for that trip to Hawaii and take care of your home now with low monthly payments. You can even pre-qualify prior to scheduling your free estimate.

Common Cause of Foundation Movement

  • Seasonal shrinking and swelling of expansive soil. During dry months as moisture decreases, soil shrink allowing foundations to settle. During wet months as moisture increases, soil expand and push up on foundations. At times, the soil will swell enough to raise foundations higher than their original elevation; this is referred to as heaving.
  • Poor site drainage is a common cause of foundation movement. Surface and subsurface moisture should be diverted away from the home or building in order to preserve the strength and desired elevation of the foundation system.
  • Improperly compacted fill will consolidate or pack down under the load of the home or building. Moisture problems will contribute to consolidation of non-compacted fill.
  • Plumbing leaks are another common cause of foundation movement. These problems are often created during the initial construction of a home or building. however, leaks may not occur for many years. Our experience has been that plumbing leaks, whether in supply lines or waste lines, always cause foundation and/or floor movement.
  • Poor construction is also a major cause of foundation movement. This problem often begins during the initial design of a home or building. Some foundation systems simply are not adequate for the areas and soil conditions in which they are used.

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