Metro Structural will resolve your foundation problems that you’ve been struggling with every day. Whether the foundation has moved due from plumbing leaks, poor construction, poor drainage or expansive soil, Metro Structural will settle your foundation problems once and for all.

Foundation Repair

Tulsa foundation repair

  • Raise and stabilize foundations with steel piers
  • Remove and replace inadequate foundations
  • No heavy trucks or equipment
  • Minimal disruption

Structural Basement Repair

Tulsa foundation repair

  • Replace and rebuild failed basement walls with proven structural systems
  • Waterproof basement walls

Slab Repair

Tulsa foundation repair

  • Raise and stabilize concrete slabs with steel piers
  • Full slab removal replacing with structural slab

Drainage Correction

Tulsa foundation repair

  • French drains
  • Surface drainage
  • Swale-control surface moisture
  • Drainage corrections

Crawl Space Floor Bracing

  • Beams
  • Concrete pad piers
  • Crawl space/ floor repair
  • Leveling/ support
  • Crawl space bracing with adjustable steel piers and beams

Concrete Repair


  • Remove and replace concrete
  • Epoxy slab cracks
  • Slab stitching

Masonry Repair


  • Exterior cosmetic cracks
  • Caulking wood trim to masonry
  • Epoxy slab cracks