Polyurethane Foam Lifting


Foam is the best option for fixing interior slab movement in Oklahoma, and we offer the best professionals for the job.




Most homes in the state have a floating foundation, which means the slab and the foundation are not connected. Slabs in Oklahoma have a minimum thickness of 4 inches but very few have reinforcing steel in them. Consequently, a steel pier installation approach is like putting a stick under a blanket.

Instead, our foam lifting process offers more stability by putting less stress on the home creating a monolithic mass underneath the slab and lifting it as one piece.

Additionally, steel piers involve several days of construction whereas foam lifting takes only a single day. In fact, after initial installation it takes just 15 minutes to reach 90% density.

Metro Structural boasts over 20-years of industry-leading experience with a process that has been around since 1975.

The polymers consist of 100% recycled materials, and there is zero harm to the environment. The material never shrinks nor deteriorates.


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