DuraLIFT Tulsa- The Permanent Solution

DuraLIFT Tulsa

DuraLIFT Tulsa- The Permanent Solution

If you’re wanting a foundation solution for your home that requires minimal disruption with maximum results, check out our DuraLIFT Tulsa system.

The DuraLIFT system stabilizes, secures, and supports the foundation of your home without disturbance or damage. The process of the DuraLIFT installation only takes up to 3 days to complete in order for your foundation to repaired.

During the process there is no mud jacking or concrete involved, along with no heavy trucks or equipment. Those are the items that will most likely cause damage to your property, so by eliminating those items there shouldn’t be a mess to clean up!

DuraLIFT is a custom adjustable steel pier system that has the strongest pipes and brackets in the industry. One of the main components is the heaviest foundation bracket that is developed along a 3 ½ O.D. schedule 40 pipe on all of the exterior foundations of the home. The DuraLIFT Tulsa system can work with light foundations as well as slab repair.

As for expert services, here are some of the following we serve to accommodate the foundation repair:

  • Structural problems
  • Concrete repair
  • Raise slab flooring
  • Floor bracing
  • French drains
  • Repair cracks in the masonry walls

With the DuraLIFT system, your home’s foundation will provide a solid base (such as a bedrock) to prevent any movement. With the DuraLIFT piers, they can hold twice their load, and the guarantee is transferrable.

Since DuraLIFT is preferred by professionals, here are 3 benefits as to why they choose it over anything.

  1. Cost-effective- The DuraLIFT system has a success rate of 100% versus other systems that might not work or require extension disruption to the home.
  2. Permanent- The system is a permanent solution that will support on bedrock and far below expansive or weak soil.
  3. Guaranteed- We’re confident in the success that DuraLIFT has provided for over 20 years of installations.

If you’re experiencing foundation issues and need professional help, call today for our Metro Advantage Rebate and to learn more about DuraLIFT Tulsa!

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