Common Issues with Oklahoma Homes

Common Issues with Oklahoma Homes

The Midwest goes through some of the strangest weather changes, seasons, and storms than any other place in the United States.

In the summer time, the temperature is exceeding 100 almost every day with tornado season towards the end of Spring. We can’t forget about the dry ground and strong winds that can lead to common issues within a home.

Most of the damage that is done requires professional help. If your home has experienced these issues you don’t want to deal with the nightmares of expenses and the damage getting worse.

Common issues could be roof damage, faulty wiring, mold and mildew, heat or A/C problems and pest problems. Other issues that your home can go through are:

Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can come from strong and heavy winds to the dirt that the house is built on. Oklahoma ground is typically full of clay and moisture, which makes it hard to build homes and can cause foundation problems. Droughts are very common in the Midwest and when a big rainstorm comes through, it causes the soil to shift, expand and contract. Having this common issue causes the ground to be unsettle under the house that leads to buckling and cracking within the concrete flooring.

Bad Drainage

When a big storm rolls through Oklahoma or the Midwest, there comes heavy rain. The heavy rain combined with the thick, moist soil can become a huge headache for homeowners. Certain areas will build up with the rain water and most times build up against the foundation of the home. When this occurs, it means there isn’t a way for the rain water to drain away from the home into a storm drain or street. Sometimes installing a drain can fix it, but more serious issues can arise and that’s when it’s time to call in the professionals at Metro Structural for a drainage correction.

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