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3 Reasons Causing Foundation Problems

With Oklahoma receiving all that rainfall the other day, it’s safe to say we’ve needed it. But, what happens when that rainfall becomes excessive and has nowhere to go?

There are many reasons to why your foundation needs repairs, but the one main issue that indicates foundation damage is poor drainage.

Here are 3 reasons causing foundation problems and how to fix them.

Replace the Soil

Once you’ve removed a tree or a couple from your yard, you’re left with a big hole in the ground. The first thing to do is fill that hole back up, but now with the dirt that was dug up. Replacing the soil to refill the hole needs to be firmly packed with water.

Another reason to replace is the soil is by seeking out a spot not draining properly. Water build up isn’t good for the foundation of your home because it can create a shallow ditch along your home. Instead of draining outwards from your home, it will stay put and continue to build up until it damages your foundation.

Make Drainage Improvements

Whenever you remove a tree from your property the ground will reach its saturation point sooner since the tree isn’t there to soak up the water. To avoid standing water after a storm and expanding towards your home, it’s best to improve the drainage.

You want to divert excess water by correcting or replacing your draining systems such as the French drains, gutters, down spouts and catch basins. Check these items to make sure they’re doing their part and if they are leaking, it’s time to replace!

Top of Your Home

The first-place water to come into your home is through the attic. Although it might seem backwards to be investigating drainage problems in the attic, it will give you the best insight to what’s happening on the ground. Most attics consist of crawl spaces where moisture can build up from poor drainage. With moisture in the attic, it can create mold and mildew. If you can catch the early foundation problems in your attic, you can save your home from a lot further damage.

Recognizing the signs of foundation problems and drainage issues can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Give Metro Structural today for a free estimate!