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9 Ways to Choose a Foundation Contractor

Anytime you get work done to your home, you want to make sure the contractor knows what they are doing at all times. Most people have had a bad experience or two with contractors working on their home. Whether the work is being done to the exterior of your home or the interior such as plumbing, you’ve spent lots of money on your home and you want the best working on it.

Choosing a foundation repair contractor can be difficult. Metro Structural Services has been in business for over 40 years and has solid experience with serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. The owners, Calvin Cozort, Russell Cozort, and Matt Cozort, offer a full service foundation and drainage repair service with specializing in using their product, DuraLIFT which is a customizable and adjustable steel pier system.

There are many factors that goes into choosing a contractor.

  1. Years of Experience. When you’re choosing a foundation repair contractor, it’s important to see how long they’ve been in business. Companies that have a reputable status around town and have been in business for many years is typically the go-to choice of contractor. The more years the company has been doing foundation repair, the more you’ll probably trust them.
  2. The System. Foundation repair services is a huge deal to your home, so you want the best system in place for where you live. There are many foundation repair services out there, but it depends what conditions are lying underneath the structure of your home. Once you’re sold on the contractor, the work begins.
  3. Does the Company Offer a Warranty? Metro Structural offers a warranty that our company stands behind. It’s important to seek our contractors/ companies that offer a warranty because it’s always best to have it in case something else goes wrong with your foundation.
  4. Is the Company Insured? Gathering all of the information such as the insurance certificate from the insurance provider is very imperative to the work that’s going to be done. For example, your home was being worked on by a contractor without insurance and something happens, it’s on you.
  5. The Price and Quality Work. If you’ve ever looked for a contractor to do work on your home and seek out the cheapest one, most likely you’ll get just that. For a long-lasting foundation repair, it’s best to find a happy medium with price and quality of work. The important item you’re looking for is VALUE.
  6. Seeking out a foundation repair contractor requires some research and reference. You will want to look for the best referral from a friend or view their ratings on Google + or their website.
  7. Search on Trade Associations. If the contractor is part of a trade association, the contractor and company will most likely be in good standing with the BBB and has good insurance. These places are great for looking for a contractor because it’s the most reliable companies that are portrayed on these sites.
  8. Knowledge All Around. Whether it be sales knowledge or knowledge of the foundation repair, it’s best to represented by both of those aspects as a contractor.
  9. No Badmouthing Allowed. One thing that you don’t want to do when hiring a foundation repair contractor is hear them badmouthing another company or contractor. It typically shows that the contractor or salesperson has nothing nice to say about their own company, so they choose to put down others. At Metro Structural, we’re not here to badmouth others. We’re here to repair your foundation and settle your foundation problems once and for all.

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