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Metro Structural provides a no-obligation foundation repair and drainage evaluation to homeowners, realtors, and property managers free of cost ($500 value). Schedule Estimate Now.

Owner Managed Projects

Locally owned since 1972 and celebrating 45+ years, our 3-generations of structural technicians take pride in taking care of our customers like we would our own family.

Drainage Solutions

Oklahoma’s clay soil, water and poor drainage are the primary causes of foundation problems. We’ll address your drainage simultaneous to correcting your foundation to prevent future problems.

Superior Technology

In addition to our traditional DuraLift© Piers, ask about our state-of-the-art Polyurethane Foam Lifting. It’s Fast (1-day repair time), Affordable (up to 1/2 the cost), Clean (no saw cutting, contents or dirt removal), and non-invasive (won’t disrupt your home or business).

45+ Years of Experience

Celebrating 45+ years of excellence Metro Structural has perfected foundation and drainage repairs. Our crew members have repaired thousands of homes and large businesses including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

Affordable Payment Plans as low as $125/mo

Metro Structural offers affordable payment options to help accommodate your home’s repairs and family’s budget.

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Drainage. Your foundation’s biggest enemy.

Most slabs in Oklahoma are unique in their design. They are called floating slabs because they are designed to move up and down based on the water content of the clay soil. In months that we get lots of rain, the clay soil will swell and will close sheet rock cracks, brick cracks and doors may work a little bit easier. In months that are typically hot and dry, the clay soil shrinks and that’s when most signs of needed foundation repairs appear.

Water and poor drainage, combined with Oklahoma’s clay soil, are the main causes of foundation or slab issues. Metro Structural will address the water problem simultaneous to correcting your foundation to prevent problems in the future. Failing to deal with the source of foundation shifting or leveling or choosing the wrong drainage solution, will lead to more severe and expensive problems in the future. Metro Structural has the experience to know if you need a surface drain, French drain, or gutters.

Metro Structural Services

Foundation Repair
Duralift Piers
Polyurethane Foam Lifting
Structural Basement Repair
Drainage and Gutters
Crawl Spaces
Concrete Solutions
Slab Repair

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